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Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,
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  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Gain Competitive Advantage
A New Communications System Can Help You,

Properly communicating is absolutely essential in the more competitive business times we're living in. Just in the last five years, communications technology has taken a flying leap forward into areas that initially seemed so far away.

Now tools like VoIP to chat bots continue to change how we communicate among employees and customers.

Many of these continue to evolve as well, including some new things this year you might want to think about using. As a small business owner, all of these digital communications tools help you stay competitive in a time when you need to stay on top of everything.

Here's some recent trends and how each of these technologies continue to evolve and bring new products.

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 Setting up a video conferencing system doesn't have to mean buying expensive, proprietary equipment. Zoom Rooms is a cloud-based approach to video conferencing that runs on standard computers, tablets, and AV equipment.

Being software-based creates versatility. It's not much trouble to set up a computer, a monitor, and speakers in a conference room on a one-time basis. Other people can participate from wherever they are, using a phone, a desktop computer, or any device using H.323 or SIP. The conference room and Web conferencing, which previously were separate worlds, work together.

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Video conferences are very rarely efficient. Not everyone can sign in on time, poor connections can leave employees fading in and out or bring the whole event to a screeching halt, and there's never a guarantee that people are actually paying attention. While there might no way to solve that last problem when employees have perfected their 'I'm focusing' expression, Zoom's video conferencing tool has done a great job solving all of the other logistical difficulties. Here are four reasons why you should give it a shot for your next business meeting:

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Customer service calls get a bad reputation, and that's just the nature of the business. People call in when they have questions or complaints, not when they want to say the product or service is working perfectly. But recording the conversations can do a lot to help the conversations end on a positive note, or at least on a less negative one. Here's how to turn call recording into an advantage instead of just company policy:

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Assign different leads to different representatives immediately.
The main focus for 2018 across all industries is to minimize manual work. Some companies are focusing on automation and machine-based analysis to keep their human costs low and to work with a smaller and smaller human workforce. Other companies are utilizing automation tools so they can redirect their employees to more intensive, creative tasks that still require human minds. No matter which camp your small business is in, automation can do away with a lot of the manual clicking and redirecting that happens in every business. Here are some zap configurations that can help with your mailing lists: